Watch Strap

Here you can find selected watch straps in the sizes S, M and XL and with the following lug widths: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, 24mm, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm - 40 mm. We only include high-quality leather in our product range. We recommend reading our Watch strap FAQs for further information on the subject of watch bands.

In order to find the appropriate watch strap as soon as possible, you can use our product filter, through which you can select the desired width (lug width), colour and material, thus quickly finding the necessary watch strap. Of course you can use our product filter also to browse extensively in our product range. Here you can have a look in the category Buckle watch straps.

Watch straps for men

How do I change a watch strap?

If you're looking for a watch strap for men made of leather or want to change it, then you've come to the right place. We offer a variety of selected types of leather. The models offered here are constantly being optimized, which is only possible thanks to your feedback.

These instructions will help you to change your watch strap yourself. They have been created with images, text and a video. This makes it easy for you to carry out the assembly yourself.

How do I change a watch strap

How do I measure the bar width?

The strap profile is the relationship between the strap width on the watch and the clasp. This is relevant, for example, if you want to reuse an old buckle or replace your existing buckle. You can find detailed instructions on how to determine the desired bar width in our HowTo: Measuring the appropriate bar width (strap width).

We have also created instructions for you on how to quickly and easily replace your existing buckle yourself. You can find a description of how to do this under Changing the watch strap buckle. We have added images and an animation to the article to make it easier to understand.

How do I measure the strap width

An immense selection of watch straps

Here you will find watch straps with pin buckles in various colors, materials and sizes. These fit universally on all watches with a straight strap lug that are held in place with spring bars. The variety of materials, designs and sizes offers you the best possible shopping experience with different product ranges. Are you looking for a bracelet with decorative stitching or no stitching at all? Then take a look at our huge range of men's watch straps with pin and wide pin buckles so that you can show off your watch in keeping with its individual value.

Top quality watch straps from Watchband-Berlin

Both our men's watch straps and women's watch straps are subject to constant quality controls. They should be more than just a necessary or fashionable accessory. The quality and consequently the wearer comfort play a major role. Of course, metal watch straps last longer than those made of leather or textile.

Nevertheless, we always pay attention to the quality and workmanship of all the products we offer. Price and performance must be in good proportion to each other. Products that do not meet these requirements will be removed from our range.

Watch straps from Watchband Berlin

Type of attachment to the watch strap housing

The selection includes universal straps for women's and men's watches. We also have an extra category with quick-release watch straps. Nowadays, such straps are often fitted to newer watch models for men so that the strap can be changed quickly and without tools at any time. However, you can also fit classic straps with standard bars to these modern models. We offer you the tools you need to do this. We also have the right spare parts for the tool in case the pin or fork should break or bend. This allows you to use the tool for a long time, which is more sustainable and protects the environment.

Men's watch straps for women?

All watch straps are universally wearable by anyone who likes them. These are unisex straps that fit a wide variety of wrists and watch models thanks to the large selection of lengths, sizes and widths. Nevertheless, men's watches are often fitted with straps with large strap widths, such as 26mm or 28mm.

Of course, you will also find these here, as well as smaller strap widths and shorter lengths, which can also be worn by men. We stock universal watch straps for the majority of all existing watch types.

Unisex watch straps

Pull-through watch straps

Pull-through watch straps are another special feature. A one-piece watch strap of this type is passed under the watch and is suitable for watches with fixed bars, such as vintage watches for men, as well as those with interchangeable bars. They have the advantage that they can be changed quickly, even without having to dismantle the bars. They can easily be pulled through below the housing. This allows you to quickly and easily change the look of your timepiece.

A variety of colors

In this category, you will find elegant and fashionable, classic and sporty, colorful and discreet watch straps to give your men's, women's or unisex watch the look you want. At this point, we would also like to expressly encourage men to switch things up from the usual shades of black or brown to more luminous or trendy colours such as orange or yellow.

It's worth a try. Colors influence our mood, our state of mind and therefore our attitude to life. We recommend using our selection assistant here. This will quickly lead you to the color you are looking for

Bänder in vielen Farben

Your lifestyle and your watch strap

Are you usually out and about doing sports? Do you spend most of your time outside enjoying nature? We offer you stunning sporty men's silicone watch straps that can take on anything and accompany you in all your activities. You'll also find a suitable offer here for the elegant watch you wear to restaurants or when going out. You can equip it with an appropriate strap to emphasize its unique value and beauty. Fashion fans are also guaranteed to find the right accessory here, which they can change and alter at any time depending on their outfit and mood. With this styling tip, you can create new looks every day. Whatever you choose, in this category, you will find watch straps from Watchband Berlin for every lifestyle.