Casio Metal Bracelet

A watch strap made of a precious metal has the advantage of longer durability compared to leather, textile or plastic straps.
Casio often makes identical timepieces with both stainless steel and titanium straps, as well as straps made of other materials. Therefore, there is a chance that you can upgrade your watch at a later date by installing a strap made of a precious metal. If you would like to do this, please feel free to ask us.

Original Casio

Adjust a Casio Metal Bracelet

The length of a metal watch band can be adjusted almost as desired. For example, one or more strap links can be removed in order to shorten the strap. On the other hand, the length can be extended accordingly by purchasing individual strap elements. When installing several strap links, care must be taken to install them in the same number on both sides in each strap section.

Furthermore, most Casio metal wristbands have clasps that allow you to fine-tune the length. Most folding clasps offer 2 or more positioning options to ensure that the strap fits comfortably. Some of the Casio folding clasps have an additional safety strap to prevent accidental opening.

Casio Composite Watch Bracelet

A successful combination of innovative materials and comfort is formed by the composite straps made by Casio, such as resin and metal, carbon and plastic, or made of stainless steel and fine synthetic resin.

These link wristbands offer the same advantages as their precious metal twins, but have enhanced wearability. Carbon-reinforced resin in particular is much lighter. Despite its extreme durability, this type of Casio wristband is very comfortable to wear. It is also easy to lengthen and shorten the strap thanks to the removal or addition of individual strap links.

With some identical watch models, it is possible to upgrade your timepiece with a composite strap by changing your current strap. Please feel free to ask us about this. We will be happy to assist you.