Casio Spare Parts

Replacement straps and spare parts by Casio. We have many original Casio replacement straps in stock. Whether you are looking for G-Shock, Baby-G, Edifice, Wave Ceptor, Casio Sport, for original watch bands made of rubber (resin), metal, leather or textile material, for bezels or for other Casio spare parts, you will find the suitable original item in our shop. You will find a detailed description of Casio replacement straps and how to change or fit them.

We recommend using the search mask (above) in order to find the desired watch band or spare part quickly. Just enter the model number of your watch and all the items we quote in connection with your model will appear. Should your watch not be listed in our website, please use our contact form. We will be glad to quote all available replacement bands, bezels, or coverings for the watch case.

Spare parts and accessories for Casio watches

Around the world, the name Casio stands for innovation, reliability, trendy designs, great variety and constant development of the latest technologies. Numerous icons have emerged from this foundation, such as the legendary G-Shock 5600 series with resin watch band, which has been continuously developed since the 1980s. Collectors and lovers of these famous watches, renowned above all for their toughness, appreciate the fact that Casio offers the possibility to buy straps, bezels, and accessories such as end pieces, screws, and many other spare parts. Also, bridges or sleeves can be repurchased for a few years, so that repairs and changing the watch band, bezel or other spare parts can be done quickly by yourself. The original Casio spare parts required for this can be purchased from Watchband-Berlin.

Casio G-Shock and G-Shock Mania Spare Parts

For many fans, it's not simply a matter of owning one Casio. According to the motto, one G-Shock is okay, two can be tolerated, but from the third, you become infected with G-Shock-mania and cannot live without them. No matter what shape, whether square, round or octagonal. This is the only way to explain the huge fan base.

Casio Pro Trek Spare Parts

Pro Trek outdoor and trekking watches are another very popular model line. They score with multifunctional measurement accuracy and reliability, which are essential for a life in touch with nature. They are suitable for both hiking trips and everyday life. The corresponding original Casio wristband offers enhanced wearability and can easily withstand adverse temperature and environmental conditions. If it does become overused, a replacement band can be purchased, and you can continue to wear the watch. Conversion from a resin band to a textile or metal band is also popular and possible on some models.

Casio Edifice Spare Parts

The Edifice collection includes precise timepieces with innovative features in an elegant and sporty design. They impress with different wristband materials and come with a stainless steel band. These offer the advantage of being extendable by installing single or multiple links and are also suitable for thicker wrists. Of course, this also applies in the opposite direction. By shortening the strap and shifting the buckle, a link strap can be adjusted so that it is comfortable for everyone to wear.

The same applies to the Casio vintage brand world. These "cult objects" are produced in different shapes and sizes. Designs from the 70s alternate with modern looks from different decades. Style icons for fashion-conscious and iconic timepieces with recognition value can be found here. Often, gold or silver-coloured metal watch bands are used. They can be renewed, changed to a different design or simply shortened and extended.

Casio Baby-G Spare Parts

The cool and tough Casio Baby-G are a perfect companion for trend-conscious people with a small wrist circumference. They are also very reliable, shockproof and robust, making them just as suitable for urban lifestyles as they are for holidays or sports. They come in many different colors and designs. The wristbands are usually made of resin or sometimes of textile. If the color of the watch strap is changed, a new look is instantly created. This creates a change of style with a different color replacement band, because Casio timepieces can also be a fashion accessory. Nevertheless, they're so much more than that. Many fans can no longer imagine everyday life without them.

Casio Wave Ceptor Spare Parts

The Casio Wave Ceptor range of radio-controlled watches, with both digital and analog displays, are very popular because they are accurate to the second. The replacement bands are in great demand, as these timepieces are also characterized by a long service life. Thanks to the possibility of changing the strap or replacing other parts, it is possible to enjoy these precise watches for even longer. All Casio watch models and their different designs have their own special features and depending on your use, lifestyle or preferences, can be worn on a variety of occasions. It's also this variety, along with their advanced technology and fresh looks, that has made them popular with so many people around the world.

General information about Casio

However, Casio is not only a leading manufacturer when it comes to the latest technologies and the hottest trends, but also when it comes to the environment and sustainability. Many watches are equipped with Tough Solar or have a combined solar and battery operation. As for the latest models, the case, watch band and base are made from innovative, sustainable materials. As a manufacturer, Casio focuses on the ecological footprint of its products. Environmentally conscious people can therefore change their strap made of eco-resin frequently with a clear conscience and contribute to a healthy eco-balance. Changing your watch band not only saves resources. It can also be great fun to repair your watch instead of buying a new one. This is possible by reviving your watch with a new look.

If you have any questions about the availability or fit of your Casio wristband or other Casio replacement parts, please contact us. We are happy to add other items to our wide selection. Watchband-Berlin is here for you if you have any questions or problems with expert advice.