Vegan watch straps

Vegan watch straps made from vegetable fibres such as apple, cork or pineapple. All watch straps offered here are produced without animal components and are 100% vegan. Through environmentally friendly and resource-saving production processes, we can offer you sustainably produced and guaranteed vegan end products. We offer our selection of watch bands with different clasps, such as folding clasp or deployment buckle. You can find more information about the offered straps in the corresponding item description. Please click on the article.

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What is vegan leather?

Environmentally conscious and trend-savvy animal lovers are opting for watches with a band made of vegan leather. You may ask yourself: aren't the terms vegan and leather a contradiction in terms? Well yes, that's true. Leather is made of animal hides and skin. However, since items made of vegan materials can be visually and haptically confusingly similar, the term "vegan leather" has become commonplace.
Nevertheless, we also like to refer to our vegan watch straps as being vegan in order to avoid any confusion.

A sustainable trend

Nowadays, many fashion brands are not only focusing on the animal-free production of their products. The trend towards avoiding waste that is harmful to the environment is also gaining ground.

Have you already set your sights on a vegan watch strap from our range of products? First of all, we would like to highlight our animal-free production from sustainable materials. No animal substances are used. The use of organic and renewable resources for production also plays a major role. Last but not least, in the production of our vegan products, we take care to produce as little environmentally harmful waste as possible.

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The advantages of a vegan watch strap over leather straps

In addition to having similar material properties as those made of leather, the sustainability of vegan straps is also a huge upside, of course.
Many people not only appreciate vegan watch straps as a fully-fledged alternative, but also consider them to be absolutely equivalent to their non-vegan counterparts in terms of comfort, care, appearance and beauty. We often hear that the wearability of some vegan straps is impressive due to their elasticity.

Vegan watch straps are not only good for the environment but also modern and trendy

They offer an absolutely successful combination of function, design and future-oriented production processes, as they're both contemporary and trend-setting as well as modern and stylish.
When you opt for a vegan watch strap, you're helping to conserve the resources of our environment. Environmental and animal protection are important to many people. However, you can of course update your watch with a new trendy outfit - just like with any other strap - thanks to the large selection of modern designs and variants available with a vegan watch strap.

Reduce the ecological footprint with vegan straps

A new watch strap immediately adds new life to your favorite watch. Equally satisfying that the environmental footprint of the watch remains comparatively small. A watch can be revived in this way and thus continues to bring joy for a long time to come. This aspect was also taken into account in production.

Many people associate jewellery and watches with special moments and events. These mementos and keepsakes can be preserved by taking good care of the watch and regularly replacing the watch strap.

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Vegan materials enrich the world of watches with a large selection and variety

The selection offered for this is huge. We offer a wide range of vegan items. This includes straps made from various vegan materials, such as cork, apple, pineapple or corn, different colors, styles, designs and sizes, as well as a selection of different clasp mechanisms, such as pin buckles or folding clasps. This is also where the great diversity of vegan materials comes into play, which results from the many different raw materials and textures with different designs. Immerse yourself in the world of vegan watch straps and indulge in the wide range on offer.
We offer the right vegan strap for every watch, whether classic, modern or sporty, for every type of person and lifestyle, for many special occasions and for use on many different situations. Our product line is constantly being expanded. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us!

Quickly change your vegan watch strap thanks to Easy Click

If you choose a strap with quick release spring bars, ou can change your strap within seconds thanks to the quick release mechanism. Depending on your mood or season, whether it's business or casual, you can quickly add the desired accessory to your timepiece.

Do you like to wear different watches that match your particular outfit? You may be able to save money on a new watch. Quickly and easily change the watch band. Do you prefer to go on holiday with only one watch? Take several straps with you and adapt your watch to your evening wardrobe or beach outfit. Leave your precious ones at home and ensure your watch always looks new with a vegan strap.

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